Empire of Orthain

The Empire of Orthain is without question the dominant power in Ulmar at the moment. While both Kezri and the The Vale of Melbor have great amounts of power Orthain is currently experiencing an economic golden age which was started by it’s discovery of Ather which it uses to power it’s mighty war machines and ships to great effect.


The Empire of Orthain was formed over 300 years ago when several powerful noble lords Rebelled against Kezri Occupation and conquest of the old Balathor Empire (more commonly known as the old empire). Chief among these houses was House Orthain a Relatively new Noble house that was elevated just before the Kezri Declared war on the Old Empire. The second is the ancient house of Arklain whom Kezri never managed to conquer (This lead to this house banner reading “Never Broken”).

Though many reasons for the Rebellion are quoted all that is truly for certain is House Orthain along with House Arklain and several other smaller Lords declared war on Kezri and after 5 year of a long a bloody war soon after named “The War of the Phoenix” during which the first source of Ather under the city of Dradenar (now capitol of the Empire). Once the War had been won and Kezri Pushed out of the great northern continent of Logrik, Edward Orthain was named High King of the newly founded Empire of Orthain.

Since then using their newly founded source of Ather the Empire of Orthain rapidly expanded within the next 50 years to control the majority of the continent of Logrik.


The Empire of Orthain Is a Monarchy with the King ruling over the people. At the moment High King Brandon Orthain sits on the Throne. He is Young but seems to have a keen mind and is rapidly being called one of the Great King’s in the empire’s history.

In addition there are 2 other entities that rule over the people under the Kings law.

The Lords Round

The Lords Round is a council made up of representatives of the 200 or so nobles that are spread throughout the empire. Each Noble holds a seat in the Lords Round as acts as the speaker of the lands they hold and the people the rule over. It is a voting body that spends most of it’s time squabbling over taxes are trade, but only a fool would think that they have no power within the empire.

The Kings Council

There are 8 positions within the empire that are viewed as supreme and above all. These positions may be held by nobles or any the King choose to be worthy. These individuals rule over key organizations that are considered to be the backbone of the empire. They meet within the palace grounds and are considered to be the minds behind the King himself.

Kings Council Positions

Lord Defender – The Lord Defender commands all military matters within the army. He or she is seen as the greatest among generals and is second only to the king in military matters. Currently held by Tyris Arklain head of House Arklain.

High Justice -Master of Laws and keeper of the Peace within the Realm. All of the empires Laws and guards are under thier command. Currenlty Held by Olivia Arklain.

Arch Lector -Head of the Hunters Guild and the Inquisition and is considered to be chief of spies and secrets within the empire. Currently held by Lord Sarin Redhawk Lord of House Redhawk.

High Chancillor Keeper of the Mints and Tax collectors throughout the empire. Often Known as the Golden Chair of the King’s Council. Currently held by Lady Modavian Taris Head of House Tarsis.

Master Arcanist – Keeper of knowledge and head of the Royal Mages Cabal. Currently held by Abados Malrin Heir of House Malrin

High Consul – Head diplomat and head of foreign policy. Currently held by Renil Holt Head of House Holt.

Lord Chamberlin – Senior royal member of staff and keeper of royal affairs. Currently Held by Marcus Reutz.

Key Cities

Adro – The oldest city in Logrik and home of house Arklain. Though Adro has been assaulted many times and been through many wars none have ever taken the city that has stood for over 1000 years. Adro is the home of the Church of Bahamut which is the Patron of House Arklain and the city itself is considered to be the home of the finest soldiers in the Empire and well as one of the oldest libararies in Ulmar.

HighPoint – Home of house Redhawk Highpoint is built against the Ironspire Mountains against the borders of Kyrill. Long have they been at war wioth the Dark Elves across the border until it’s annexation only 10 years ago. Redhawk is a thivinging city and the current home of the Hunter’s Guild Headquarters.

Velithar – The Largest Port in the empire and known as the city of ships. It is the Home of House Holt as well as the majority of the Empire’s Navy and shipyards. It sits at the Southern tip of Logrik on the SIlver Sea

Kaathey – Home of The great Dwarven Clan Tarsis, Kaathey is an underground city built by the great Dwarven clans and is home to on of the largest gold mines in all of Ulmar and is said to be home to some of the greatest craftsmen in the world.

Bruul – The newest city in the empire only 15 years old Bruul is home to the largest Ather deposit ever discovered and is directly controlled by the King’s Council. It is currently thriving under the weight of new migrants.

Rethin – Newly Annexed in the Orthainian empire Rethin is the Capitol of Kyrill and home of many Dark elves. Settled on on of the northern most tips of Logrik Rethin is built into a mountainside and none actually know when the city itself was built. Much of it’s history has been lost to time or war with other empires. It is currently ruled by the Ancient Dark Elven House of Malrin under close watch by the Orthainian empire.

Dradenar – Capitol of the Orthainian Empire and Seat of the King. It is one of the Largest cities int he known world and is the center of trade of the empire.

Empire of Orthain

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