Tavern Rumors

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“Rumor is that Kezri and Orthain are on the brink of war. Should be obvious I guess after that Orthain diplomat got himself killed within the StoneSpire (the Kezri Capitol City). Plus old king Damrin has wanted war with Orthain for awhile now. It’s only a matter of time”

“The Free City of Dragonspear has a new Primarch. A Dragonborn by the name of Balthazaar Goldenteeth. He’s some rich noble form some ancient house I’m not sure, but the more interesting thing is that before the election it looked like he was going to lose to the current Primarch and then right before the elections being he is found dead of natural causes in his home. Goldenteeth won by a landslide against all his other opponents. Now you might think this just coincidence ,but from what I here rumor is Goldenteeth had something to do with it and that anyone that gets in his way goes missing”

The Civil War in the Val of Melbar continues to intensify and has split iinto three factions. The Loyalists who back the current Radun or whatever you call the royal family down there. The Church of The Lady Taramyth, you know those strange bandaged covered folk who preach pain for their lady for peace? Apparently they have a huge following. The third has only just arrived they call themselves “The Silver Eyes” Nobody knows why they just showed up or who they are with but they’ve been really hammering on the Church’s side lately and nobody knows why"

“Did you hear about that mess up in Kyrill? Folk up there found dead in their homes like they’re sleeping, but they’re ice cold to the touch. No signs of a fight and their door is still locked. The city is baffled I hear and people are in a right panic.”

Bruul Rumors

“Something big is going on in Bruul. I know you might think Im crazy but it like they’re preparing for some kind of war. Sure the gangs are a bit out of control,but they have enough troops moving in now to siege a bloody fortress. Now why would they be asking for so many troops if we are the only settlement on this bloody rock?.”

“They say that the Cambert family has been stricken by plague. Damnest thing I tell you one day they are as healthy as the next man and then all I see on my weekly delivery is guard stationed all around their house. You know the big one over of Timbul Street? The one with all the stained glass? That’s the one. They turned be away and said the family had been afflicted but I swear I saw bloodstains in the courtyard as I passed. Somethings not right there”

“People are going missing in the Temple district. I hear here’s this new bloke “The Prophet” they call him he’s leading this new church that just popped out of nowhere. Church of Lady they call it and people are flocking to it. Well you would be too if you were poor and they promised you food and work. Thing is people are going missing while they work there, not enough for the officials to notice ,but some people just don’t return. Stranger thing is nobody will talk about what they’re working on they all just say “The Lady’s Will in not for those of the unfaithful” or some nonsense. It doesn’t feel right if you ask me"

“The armory down on Figgian was attacked last night. The guards say it was that new gang Tenebris trying to stir up trouble, but I think it’s a cover up. First of all that armory is miles away form the Black Parade and Tenebris seems to be only focused on their war with the Dredge so it just doesn’t fit. See I saw it happen I was sitting outside the pub across the way having a smoke with my mate Tommy and next thing I knew the Armory door exploded like it had been hit with a cannon or something the guards there were just a bloody mess after that. Then I saw 3 men all shady rush in and start carrying something out then next thing I knew the whole buildin was lit up and burning. What they wanted I could not say but the guards sure did seem afraid.”

Tavern Rumors

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